Customer Service

We pride ourselves on customer service being our primary specialty. Oregon Industrial Resources is committed to solving your company’s industrial fluid handling challenges. Shown below are just a few examples of how we can reduce your cost of maintenance and increase your productivity.

Department Supervisor, Metals Manufacturing

“The process pumps that we previously used consumed a large quantity of expensive replacement components. It used to be normal for us to have to constantly rebuild pumps just to stay online.

Oregon Industrial Resources refined our pumping systems, and provided solutions to many of our chronic pump problems.

Oregon Industrial Resources saved our company over $165,000 in one year, in just one of our manufacturing processes. We now enjoy lower overall operating cost and benefit from greater productivity.”

Supervisor, Processing Chip Manufacturing

“We were plagued with constant reliability problems with one of our critical pumping systems. Oregon Industrial Resources provided us with a solution that solved our problem once and for all. Instead of having to constantly repair the system, we can now rely on it.”

Department Supervisor, Aerospace Metals Casting

“We have one of the most brutal pump applications on earth, pumping caustic material that contains a high percentage of sharp sand. The pumping system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The original pumping system had to be rebuilt about every two to three weeks.

Two and a half years ago Oregon Industrial Resources provided us with a test pump. The test pump ran non-stop for 2 years without any maintenance whatsoever. This one simple change saved my company over $50,000 just in two years.”

Department Supervisor, Semiconductor Manufacturing

“Following the construction of our new waste treatment facility, our process pumps were consuming replacement parts at an exceptionally high rate. We were spending a fortune on replacement parts and labor costs.

Oregon Industrial Resources reviewed our system needs and submitted a proposal to extend our pump’s service life and reduce our overall costs.

The replacement pumps that Oregon Industrial Resources supplied our company have been in service several months with virtually no interruption in service. Replacement costs for parts have been reduced greatly and our system productivity has increased sharply.”

If you have a problem pump application, we invite you to contact us.
We look forward to meeting the challenge.

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